The Benefits Of Professional Driver CPC Training

After a combined 40 years of serving the logistics industry myself and my business partner decided to go into partnership forming a Driver CPC and logistics training company called Logistics Skills Services with the desire and commitment to put something back into the logistics industry through training and development of logistics professionals by sharing our knowledge and experiences.

As this is my first blog I thought I would share my views on the Driver CPC following a recent article in the recent Motor Transport by a training organisation warning of cowboy outfits!

As sceptical as I was of the motives of this article (the article was penned by a Driver CPC training centre member) there are I am sure certain few unscrupulous training centres that are “giving away” the qualification and therefore devaluing the worthiness of the course and damaging the reputation of other organisations like ours who are committed to delivering good quality and flexible Driver CPC solutions.

As a Transport Operator for over twenty years I believe I have built an understanding of drivers and operators needs. As such I have made a few important points and tips for operators, drivers and training centres alike based on the acronym D C P C:

D= DIVERSE – A good high quality Driver CPC course should have diverse content. Meaning that the 7 hours training sessions should be interspersed with video/DVD footage, training materials and interactive workshops making it both enjoyable and meaningful to drivers and operators – it should not be death by powerpoint!!

C= CUSTOMER FOCUSSED – A good Driver CPC training centre should listen to what a customer requires in terms of content & flexible delivery solutions based around the operational needs. Following course delivery it is vital that feedback is gained from drivers and operators so that improvements can be made if necessary

P= PERSONAL – Make it personal keep class sizes down to a reasonable level – In my opinion 12 candidates per Driver CPC session is the maximum. Anything above and the message can get diluted as not all candidates will involve themselves in larger group discussions or purely lose concentration and drop off at the back of a large class!

C= CERTIFICATED – We all want to feel like we have achieved a goal don’t we!? At we produce individual A4 certificates for each module delivered giving all candidates that feeling of achievement and success, afterall you don’t want to wait 5 years for the Driver CPC Driver Qualification Card to land on your doorstep!!

Finally, the scepticism of the benefits of Driver CPC has been well aired on Transport/driver message boards (I read them with a real interest) and contrary to popular belief on these message boards the Driver CPC will not simply go away, afterall the EU have decided this directive will go ahead (remember we’ve had the weights and measures and bendy bananas rules passed to us via the EU!!!)

Anyway, a well planned and professionally executed Driver CPC course can provide plenty of benefits for drivers and operators alike and in my experience if it’s only to refresh drivers memories on drivers hours, health and safety or any other related legislation then it can only benefit you CAN’T IT??? I suppose only time will tell.

Logistics Skills is a professional Driver CPC Training company. If you would like to book a course please call 0844 2726114 for an informal chat.

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